Minimal Server Interface for Windows Server 2012

I have been looking at the Minimal Server Interface in Windows Server 2012, I currently think it is the obvious interface for servers that you do mostly remote management of and pretty much never log on to.

Microsoft recommend that you use the Server Core Interface for Hyper-V and Domain Controllers. I had evaluated the Server Core Interface in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The improvements in Window Server 2012 certainly make it a real option this time but again I have to take time off and not all the team I work on are Windows Server experts. Of course this is where Minimal Server Interface comes in, they can log on and run Server Manager, PowerShell and the MMC snap-in.

An article on System Center Central by Pete Zerger on the Minimal Server Interface and another article by Pete on Control Panel Applet and Command Line launch options.

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An IT Professional, based in Cork in Ireland, working on Microsoft technologies primarily.
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One Response to Minimal Server Interface for Windows Server 2012

  1. Check this blog post which explains Windows 2012 Server Core configuration tasks; including IP configuration, Firewall, switch between modes (Core, MSI, Full UI)

    Lefteris Karafilis

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